Bone Fracture – Knee

Most of the injuries affecting the knee joint are soft-tissue injuries, however, some soft-tissue injuries are so severe they may cause one of the bones that forms the knee joint to splinter. Some types of trauma, such as collision injuries in sports and falls, may result in a fracture of one or more of the bones that makeup the knee joint.

Children are more likely to suffer a fracture injury than adults, and often the fracture involves the growth plate of one or more bones. Any injury to a child’s knee that causes pain, swelling, and impaired mobility should be evaluated by an orthopedic specialist.

Another population at risk of fracture injury is the elderly. Older individuals who have experienced a loss of bone density may be especially vulnerable to the forces produced by a fall.  Anytime an elderly person suffers an injury, such as from a fall, they should be evaluated by an orthopedic specialist.

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