Meet Our Physical Therapy Team

The specialty-trained physical therapy experts at Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma provide comprehensive physical therapy and rehabilitation services for patients. These services include conservative injury treatment, pre- and postoperative treatment, and spine care and management.

Using the most advanced rehabilitation techniques and state-of-the-art modalities, including exercise, stretching, therapeutic activities, specialized splinting, core strengthening, manual therapy, weight lifting, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation, our physical therapy specialists offer a diverse array of treatment options to meet your orthopedic physical therapy needs.

Physical Therapists and Assistants

  • Tony Morakot, DPT

    Tony Morakot, DPT

  • Talor Fulps, DPT

    Talor Fulps, DPT

  • Kristin Mitchell, PT

    Kristin Mitchell, PT

  • Jacey Thomson, DPT

    Jacey Thomson, DPT

  • Sarah Blotevogel, DPT

    Sarah Blotevogel, DPT

  • Shelly Dugger, PT

    Shelly Dugger, PT

  • Steve Earle, PT

    Steve Earle, PT

  • Rob Ellison, PT, FAAOMPT

    Rob Ellison, PT, FAAOMPT

  • Jessie Genet, DPT

    Jessie Genet, DPT

  • Melissa Goad, DPT

    Melissa Goad, DPT

  • Ronda Harrison, PT, ATC

    Ronda Harrison, PT, ATC

  • Tanya Jackson, PT, DPT

    Tanya Jackson, PT, DPT

  • Jason Long, PT

    Jason Long, PT

  • Ashley Poulin, PTA

    Ashley Poulin, PTA

  • Rebecca Dorrell, DPT

    Rebecca Dorrell, DPT

  • Emily Due, DPT

    Emily Due, DPT

  • Lauren Hebensperger, DPT

    Lauren Hebensperger, DPT

  • Chris Capsey, DPT

    Chris Capsey, DPT

  • Kylie Shannon, DPT

    Kylie Shannon, DPT

  • Leisa Bruns, PTA

    Leisa Bruns, PTA

  • Taylor Caldwell, PTA

    Taylor Caldwell, PTA

  • Emily Trout, PTA

    Emily Trout, PTA

  • Misty McMullen, PTA

    Misty McMullen, PTA

  • Ashley Dudley, PTA

    Ashley Dudley, PTA

  • LaDamian Wilson, DPT

    LaDamian Wilson, DPT

  • Kyle Stafford, DPT, OCS

    Kyle Stafford, DPT, OCS

  • Jamie Steidley, PTA

    Jamie Steidley, PTA

  • Mattie Weber, AT, PTA

    Mattie Weber, AT, PTA

  • Heather Beloncik, PTA

    Heather Beloncik, PTA

  • Andrea Rock, DPT

    Andrea Rock, DPT

  • Bryan Vaughn, DPT

    Bryan Vaughn, DPT

  • Whitney Haughey, DPT

    Whitney Haughey, DPT

  • Johnny Roberts, PTA

    Johnny Roberts, PTA

  • Katie Salamandra, DPT

    Katie Salamandra, DPT

Occupational Therapists and Assistants

  • Andrew Bussman, OT, CHT

    Andrew Bussman, OT, CHT

  • Alessandra Fallini, OT, CHT

    Alessandra Fallini, OT, CHT

  • Janice Stowers, COTA

    Janice Stowers, COTA

Athletic Trainers

  • Omar Zaldivar, ATC

    Omar Zaldivar, ATC

  • Kayla Clark, ATC

    Kayla Clark, ATC

  • Jacob Newby, ATC

    Jacob Newby, ATC

  • Darren Lunow, ATC

    Darren Lunow, ATC

  • Photo: Larry Egge, ATC

    Larry Egge, ATC

  • Randi Lunow, ATC

    Randi Lunow, ATC

  • Laurel Climpson, ATC

    Laurel Climpson, ATC

  • Koby Smith, ATC

    Koby Smith, ATC

  • Ryan Carter, ATC

    Ryan Carter, ATC