Patient Reviews

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At Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma, we are privileged to serve the bone, joint, and muscle needs of our community. 

We invite you to explore the stories of our past and present patients to learn more about the quality, compassionate care we have to offer you and your loved ones. 

  • “My doctor was excellent; he clearly explains the issue and is very knowledgeable!”
    – Paul H.
  • “Though the meeting was brief, the news was right on the condition getting treated. I was very pleased with the prognosis and the promptness of the staff in attending to my needs after the initial physician's visit.”
    – Darrell I.
  • “It’s been a little over 5 months since the MakoPlasty surgery on my right knee and it’s now free of pain for the first time in years and I now have over 135 degree of movement in that knee. I’m able to get out and be more active than I’d been in years and I’ve managed to lose 25 pounds in those 5 months. I was so happy with the results that I had the same surgery done on my left knee 3 weeks ago. For the first time in over 30 years, my legs are straight and I can touch my knees together. I’ve talked with people who were laid up for months after conventional knee replacement surgery but with the MakoPlasty procedure, I was walking with the help of a walker the day after surgery and switched to a cane just 3 days later. This surgery way exceeded my expectations. Now, three weeks post-surgery, I only carry the cane as insurance and don’t need to lean on it anymore. I regularly walk the 200yd round trip to our mailbox and spent almost two hours wandering around Bass Pro Shop yesterday. I’m an outdoor photographer and love trail riding on a bicycle. Having my knees work right again is like getting my life back.”
    – David A.
  • “MakoPlasty is a simple process compared to a total knee. It’s not easy, but much easier! I went from being crippled to having a new life. They did the operation and I went home the next day. I used a walker for a week and after a month he told me I could do pretty much what I wanted to!”
    – Bill A.
  • “I came home on Friday after only one night in the hospital. Home health came to my house on Monday and they were amazed at how well I was doing. I tell everybody about my knee surgery and how great it was! If I had to have the other knee done, I wouldn’t have any fear because it just wasn’t bad.”
    – Bonnie A.
  • “I had my surgery 1 week ago Wednesday and I couldn’t be more happy. I have really good flexibility and I am walking without crutches or a cane. Several doctors have told me I was a candidate for partial knee replacement so I thought MakoPlasty was a wise choice-why wouldn’t you do it? I just don’t see a downside. The pain of the bone on bone arthritic condition is gone. The most important thing is to be committed to the rehab.”
    – Ron A.
  • “MakoPlasty changed my life! I am moving better and doing things I haven’t been able to do in years. I had my first knee done in August and my other knee done in October. My knees were so bad before the surgery that I often lost my balance and was falling every week or so- I was bordering on immobile. My balance is much better now and I don’t fall. I have gotten 15 years of my life back. Everything was just like the doctor told me or better!”
    – Larry A.
  • “I found out about MakoPlasty through an ad in the Tulsa World for a seminar at Oklahoma Surgical Hospital. Everything was just as they presented. Less pain and quicker recovery. I feel better than I have in years. I waited for so long- I could have fixed this years ago. I was getting to where I could hardly walk. I love to play golf and walking the course on uneven ground was just too hard. I haven’t played golf in 2-3 years and I am ready. I have gotten my mobility back. A friend had total knee replacement a month before me and I am so far ahead of him. It was easier than I ever thought it would be.”
    – Joseph (6 weeks post op)
  • “My experiences with Dr. Hawkins and his excellent staff have always been great from the diagnosis, surgery, recover, and follow up to my Achilles injury. I appreciate Dr. Hawkins’ expertise, candor, and advice to keep me on the best path forward to continue to enjoy my pretty intense outdoor lifestyle choices. Thanks to him and his team. ”
    – Craig J.
  • “Dr. Hardage is one of the most caring and personable physicians that I’ve had to assist me with medical needs. At my appointments, he makes me feel that he is in no hurry and explains orthopedic problems in terms that I can understand. Dr. Hardage has assisted me with both knee problems. He will continue to monitor my orthopedic needs. He is always willing to help me as needed. It is a privilege to be his patient. ”
    – Roger W.
  • “I thank God every day that he led me to Dr. Kasra Ahmadinia to do my spine surgery. I looked for someone who had the training in the latest techniques, to ensure the best possible outcome, and with whom I felt comfortable. Dr. Ahmadinia's compassionate, kind demeanor put me at ease and helped give me confidence in a surgery that I did not want to go through. His skilled hands and dedicated surgical training, along with God's goodness, provided me nothing short of a miracle! Thank you God and thank you, Dr. Ahmadinia, for dedicating your life to alleviating pain and suffering. ”
    – Trolene D.
  • “Dr. Ahmadinia was patient and not overly ready to jump to surgery. He referred me to another Dr to check my hip and had another Dr. inject into my spine. Overall this was a good experience.”
    – Joanne B.
  • “Dr. Boone listened carefully and opted for a non-invasive treatment plan of physical therapy. It worked very well.”
    – Nancy K.
  • “Dr. Fox was very professional and answered all of our questions. We felt like he was sincere and took the time to help and meet our needs.”
    – Dwaynna L.
  • “Very satisfied, on-time, and even helped get my insurance authorization for additional treatment. Will go back again.”
    – Richard M.
  • “Everyone was amicable. I would recommend to everyone.”
    – Heath W.
  • “I wasn't sure if I needed surgery, but he assured me that I did not. I appreciate him being honest and not just wanting to operate.”
    – Barbara H.
  • “Dr. LaButti was conservative in his treatment plan, which was terrific. I had been referred to him, having been told that I needed a hip replacement. After reviewing my films, he indicated that I was not appropriate for a replacement since my hip capsule itself was not very deteriorated. And that I had three ligament tears.. two in the gluteus minimus and one in the labrum area. He set me up with an EXCELLENT physical therapist, administered a shot and following me every few months. I went through three series of p.t. and continue to do my exercises for maintenance. I would highly recommend Dr. LaButti and his staff for expertise, diligence, and timely responses to questions and concerns.”
    – Meryl K.
  • “The doctor was pleasant and very professional. The information and treatment was the right medication for my problem. ”
    – Beverly L.
  • “Excellent Surgeon!”
    – Mary R.
  • “Dr. Kunapuli has replaced both of my knees, and I couldn’t be happier. He is very professional and caring. He listens and remembers your personal needs from one visit to another, and this is a trait that is lacking in many specialists. ”
    – Valerie H.
  • “Dr. Kunapuli did hip replacement surgery for me on April 17th. Everything went as he had explained to me. He took the time to listen to all of my questions and give me answers that I could understand. He is a very personable and caring doctor, and I am thrilled with my surgery.”
    – James C.
  • “Dr. Kunapuli was kind and very thorough! First Orthopedic Doctor to actually listen to me and explain everything. I still can't get on the patient portal. Please help.”
    – Laura G.
  • “Very professional. ”
    – Juanita H.
  • “I was delighted with the care I received and the thoroughness of Dr. Shockley and his assistants. I had an excellent outcome from my rotator cuff surgery.”
    – Nancy L.