iovera° is a FDA-approved, non-opioid, minimally invasive treatment, that alleviates pain through a mechanism known as cryoanalgesia. This procedure, cryoneurolysis, is an outpatient procedure that uses cold therapy to target specific superficial sensory nerves that transmits a pain signal. Patients can get immediate relief after an iovera° treatment and can get relief that lasts 3 months, and in some cases longer, as the nerve regenerates over time.

Here at Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma, we have been using iovera° as an adjunct to pain control for patients having a total knee replacement. iovera° is usually performed one to two weeks prior to surgery. We use an ultrasound machine to identify 5-6 nerves. The skin and nerves are numbed. Then we literally freeze those nerves. This process takes approximately 20-30 minutes to perform. Post-operatively, patients are taking less narcotics because they have less pain, getting better range of motion and have better outcomes with their therapy.

In addition to patients with knee pain, we have also been using iovera° to treat patients with shoulder pain. Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma is on the cutting edge of technology and researching whether iovera° can be utilized on other areas, such as elbows and ankles.

If you would like to learn more about iovera° treatment and results, see the videos below!

About iovera°
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Patient Treatment Perspective


“My pain went from an 8-9 on my right knee, to a 1-2 on the left knee. There was such a big difference.”
Pat Pearson had a total knee replacement on her right knee without iovera° and then the same surgery on her left knee with iovera°.

“My experience on my first knee without iovera° was a lot of swelling and a lot of pain. The therapy at home was pretty brutal. The second knee with iovera°, everything went much smoother and much quicker. I didn’t need almost any pain medicine.”
Bobby Snook

“That’s amazing Doc…I’m not the hugging type of person, but if I was, I would hug you!” or “I’m really happy about this new process, it’s been a blessing to me.”
Clint Lane went from a pain scale of 8/10 before iovera° to pain free after iovera°.

"I had a total knee replacement on her first knee with iovera° and did so well, that 7 weeks later, she had her other knee replaced with iovera°."
Tisha Morgan

“We’re getting more patients who come back doing better early on…. With the iovera°, it reduces their pain medications.”
Dr. Christopher Browne

“This fits a very important role in post-operative recovery.”
Dr. Sarat Kunapuli

“I tell patients, iovera° is the best thing that I’ve seen in 12 years. That’s a game changer when it comes to surgery.”
Chris Stephens, PA-C