Our Doctors

At Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma, our highly trained orthopedic doctors and surgeons are leading orthopedic specialists in the region. When you are seen by one of our experts, you know that you are being treated by an experienced doctor who is focused on and dedicated to delivering orthopedic excellence to you.

Additional Providers

  • Tony Morakot, DPT

    Tony Morakot, DPT

  • Talor Fulps, DPT

    Talor Fulps, DPT

  • Kristin Mitchell, PT

    Kristin Mitchell, PT

  • Jacey Thomson, DPT

    Jacey Thomson, DPT

  • Sarah Blotevogel, DPT

    Sarah Blotevogel, DPT

  • Shelly Dugger, PT

    Shelly Dugger, PT

  • Steve Earle, PT

    Steve Earle, PT

  • Rob Ellison, PT, FAAOMPT

    Rob Ellison, PT, FAAOMPT

  • Jessie Genet, DPT

    Jessie Genet, DPT

  • Melissa Moore, DPT

    Melissa Moore, DPT

  • Ronda Harrison, PT, ATC

    Ronda Harrison, PT, ATC

  • Tanya Jackson, PT, DPT

    Tanya Jackson, PT, DPT

  • Jason Long, PT

    Jason Long, PT

  • Ashley Poulin, PTA

    Ashley Poulin, PTA

  • Rebecca Dorrell, DPT

    Rebecca Dorrell, DPT

  • Emily Due, DPT

    Emily Due, DPT

  • Lauren Hebensperger, DPT

    Lauren Hebensperger, DPT

  • Kylie Shannon, DPT

    Kylie Shannon, DPT

  • Leisa Bruns, PTA

    Leisa Bruns, PTA

  • Taylor Caldwell, PTA

    Taylor Caldwell, PTA

  • Emily Trout, PTA

    Emily Trout, PTA

  • Misty McMullen, PTA

    Misty McMullen, PTA

  • Ashley Dudley, PTA

    Ashley Dudley, PTA

  • Omar Zaldivar, ATC

    Omar Zaldivar, ATC

  • Kayla Clark, ATC

    Kayla Clark, ATC

  • Jacob Newby, ATC

    Jacob Newby, ATC

  • Darren Lunow, ATC

    Darren Lunow, ATC

  • Randi Lunow, ATC

    Randi Lunow, ATC

  • Andrew Bussman, OT, CHT

    Andrew Bussman, OT, CHT

  • Janice Stowers, COTA

    Janice Stowers, COTA

  • Laurel Climpson, ATC

    Laurel Climpson, ATC

  • Koby Smith, ATC

    Koby Smith, ATC

  • Jamie Steidley, PTA

    Jamie Steidley, PTA

  • Mattie Lagers, AT, PTA

    Mattie Lagers, AT, PTA

  • Ryan Carter, ATC

    Ryan Carter, ATC

  • Andrea Meadows, DPT

    Andrea Meadows, DPT

  • Bryan Vaughn, DPT, OCS

    Bryan Vaughn, DPT, OCS

  • Whitney Haughey, DPT

    Whitney Haughey, DPT

  • Mackenzie Harmon, ATC

    Mackenzie Harmon, ATC

  • Sinjin Cramer, DPT

    Sinjin Cramer, DPT

  • Bailey Clark, PTA

    Bailey Clark, PTA

  • Phillip Easterly, DPT, ATC

    Phillip Easterly, DPT, ATC

  • John Joslin, ATC

    John Joslin, ATC

  • Austin McGehee, DPT, CSCS, OCS, FAAOMPT

    Austin McGehee, DPT, CSCS, OCS, FAAOMPT

  • Karim Canto, PTA

    Karim Canto, PTA

  • Alecia Vaughn, OTR/L, CHT

    Alecia Vaughn, OTR/L, CHT

  • Cailley Bean, PTA

    Cailley Bean, PTA

  • Lindsey Smith, DPT

    Lindsey Smith, DPT

  • Jeremy Wilhite, PT, OCS

    Jeremy Wilhite, PT, OCS

  • Kyle Smith, DPT, OCS

    Kyle Smith, DPT, OCS

  • Dana Burrows, PT, DPT, C-PS

    Dana Burrows, PT, DPT, C-PS

  • Katelyn Weins, ATC

    Katelyn Weins, ATC

  • Blank Photo

    Megan Burkdoll, OT

  • Andrew Nfodjo, DPT

    Andrew Nfodjo, DPT

  • Megan Burkdoll, OT.

    Megan Burkdoll, OT.

  • Noelle Carbone, DPT

    Noelle Carbone, DPT

  • Bret McGuire, DPT

    Bret McGuire, DPT

  • Carly Gillman, DPT

    Carly Gillman, DPT

  • Baile Louderback, DPT

    Baile Louderback, DPT

  • Megan Spears, DPT

    Megan Spears, DPT

  • Leann Plett, DPT

    Leann Plett, DPT

  • Savannah Kautz, ATC

    Savannah Kautz, ATC

  • Andrea Messenger, ATC

    Andrea Messenger, ATC

  • Karlee Alberty, ATC

    Karlee Alberty, ATC