Hand & Wrist

Your hands begin their exploration of the world even before you are born, and throughout your life, your hands remain important tools for every day tasks. Even your balance relies on the position of the hands and on subtle, usually unconscious movements of the wrists, hands and fingers.

It’s easy to take your hands for granted because, for the most part, they require no conditioning and little training to meet the demands normally put on them.

But when one or both of the hands or wrists become damaged or weakened, even the most simple activity such as eating or dressing can become a painful, time-consuming, even impossible chore.

The physicians of Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma have extensive experience in the delicate procedures required to relieve hand pain and to preserve or restore normal function to the hands and wrists.

In recent years, new treatments have been developed for problems that no one even understood in the past, such as repetitive trauma syndrome. And the minimally invasive treatments that have revolutionized other surgical specialties have made dramatic improvements in the options available for people with problems of the hands or wrists.

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