Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Iliotibial band syndrome is an inflammatory condition that is most often described as an overuse injury. It is caused by friction (rubbing) of a portion or “band” of a tendon over the outer bone, the lateral condyle, of the knee. It can result from a direct blow to the knee, however, it is most often caused by a period of overuse in participating in a particular sport.

The symptoms of iliotibial band syndrome include an aching or burning sensation at the side of the knee while participating in the activity that is causing the condition. Pain also may radiate from the knee upward along the thigh. There may be a sensation of a “snap” when the knee is moved through its normal range of motion, even though the range of motion may not be affected. Usually there is no swelling. The pain may disappear if the activity is reduced. A program of muscle-strengthening and re-conditioning exercises may also be prescribed. Surgery is not often required, however, it may be recommended when the problem does not respond to other measures.

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