Inflammation of the Spine

Inflammation occurs when the muscles and ligaments are stretched beyond their normal capacity or elasticity, causing pain and inflammation.

Low back pain usually results from an injury to the muscles and ligaments of the lumbar spine, often due to lifting or twisting injuries. Stress and bad posture can also be contributing factors. Often the pain does not occur immediately after the injury, so the specific cause of the pain may not be apparent. Although back pain can occur anywhere in the back, it is most common in the lower back.

Many back problems are relieved with time and rest. Heat or ice, gentle massage, and acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or aspirin can help ease pain. Therapeutic exercise under the guidance of a physical therapist may also be helpful. Stronger pain killers or muscle relaxants are sometimes prescribed for “flare ups.” Although these measures help relieve back pain, recurring back pain is quite common. Preventive measures, including good posture, proper lifting, exercises to strengthen the back, and losing excess weight, may reduce the likelihood of future back problems.

Symptoms of low back pain persisting beyond one month should be evaluated by a doctor. If you develop leg weakness or numbness, or loss of bowel or bladder control, you need to contact your doctor immediately.

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