Plica Syndrome

Plica syndrome occurs when bands of synovial tissue, called plicae, become irritated by overuse or injury. Plicae are the remnants of tissue that normally disappear during fetal development as the synovial capsule is formed. When this process is not complete, the plicae remain within the knee, and the knee is vulnerable to chronic overuse and inflammation. The symptoms of plica syndrome include pain and swelling, a “clicking” sensation, and a “locking” or weakness of the knee. Plica syndrome is often misdiagnosed because of its similarity to other knee conditions. First aid measures may be effective in reducing the inflammation, and re-conditioning exercises may be prescribed to strengthen the supporting muscles.

Cortisone injection may be helpful in some cases, and an arthroscopic procedure may be recommended to confirm the diagnosis and further treat the condition. Surgical correction of the abnormality may be recommended if other measures do not provide lasting relief.

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