Repetitive Trauma Syndrome of the Hand & Wrist

When you have to repeat similar movements over extended periods of time, such as when operating equipment at work, stress is applied to certain joints. Often, this can lead to pressure on the joints causing inflammation, pain, and decreased function in the extremity. Your hands are your primary work tools, and they are highly susceptible to repetitive trauma syndrome. The most common of these syndromes is carpal tunnel syndrome.

Some of the factors identified as being associated with the likelihood of developing a repetitive stress injury include:

  • Repetitive, forceful, or prolonged exertions of the hands
  • Rapid hand and wrist movement
  • Frequent or heavy lifting, pushing, pulling, or carrying heavy objects
  • Vibration

Intensity, frequency, and duration of the exposure to these conditions, coupled with your capacity to deal with the conditions, and personal factors such as age and physical condition, also have significant influence on the likelihood of developing repetitive trauma syndrome.

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