The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Shockley
  • “I was delighted with the care I received and the thoroughness of Dr. Shockley and his assistants. I had an excellent outcome from my rotator cuff surgery.”
    – Nancy L.
  • “Dr. Shockley and his staff are lovely. Upon being placed in a room, I was not alone longer than a minute — nurse, PA, then doc. Dr. listened to my concerns, and we came up with a treatment plan without the use of mind-altering opioids. Thank goodness, not a pill pusher, wants to treat the problem. I am so glad I was able to come here. Thank you.”
    – D H.
  • “Very short wait. Delightful and helpful staff. Dr. Shockley is an incredible surgeon who takes time to answer every question — recommended highly!”
    – James W.