The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Browne
  • “Excellent Surgeon!”
    – Mary R.
  • “Everything I experienced was excellent care from the first appointment, through surgery and post-op.”
    – Janet M.
  • “Dr. Browne is very polite and professional. He answered all of my questions/concerns and made sure I understood all of the procedures and aftercare that I needed.”
    – Tamara M.
  • “Dr. Browne was very easy to talk to and seemed to be very concerned about my pain. ”
    – Phyllis P.
  • “The total knee replacement worked and straightened my leg out. I can do all the activities that I like without pain; golfing, biking, hunting, hiking, and walking without a limp. Dr. Browne will get recommended to others. ”
    – Gerald P.
  • “Total left hip replacement by Dr. Chris Browne in February. Very successful. Had me up and walking day of surgery. In-hospital PT for the 2.5 days I was in St Francis. The key is to stay ahead of pain. I took one Oxycodone as prescribed every four hours for two weeks, then switched to Aleve. I still have half a bottle of Oxycodone left. I, in no manner, became addicted to this drug! To blame the manufacturer for addiction is ridiculous. The patient is in total control. If I need future joint replacement I'll see Dr. Chris Browne!”
    – William H.
  • “Dr. Browne was very informative from the first visit to the post-op visits. I was referred to Dr. Browne by a friend and did not regret that decision. I feel he is an excellent surgeon, and I would recommend him to anyone that has to have a hip replacement!”
    – Jean P.
  • “I made an appointment with Dr. Browne specifically to schedule hip replacement surgery, after orthopedic Dr. in Ponca City said I needed a hip replacement surgery. He based this on a c-scan and several injections, one of which got done in the hospital. Dr. Browne did an X-ray and said I had bursitis. He prescribed an anti-inflammatory drug and 4-5 weeks of physical therapy. This solved my problem, and it has not returned. As you can see, I am a big fan of Dr. Browne! I have since recommended him to several people. You can use this for marketing purpose, but please do not use my name. Thank you.”
    – Ed B.
  • “I had both hips and knees replaced over several years with issues due to infections in between. Dr. Browne and his PA did great work and took excellent care of me. My joints are working great, and I am once again active dancing, playing golf, etc. Most joints are working better than the original. Thanks to them and all the staff.”
    – Mark C.
  • “The provider quickly determined the problem and recommended physical therapy.”
    – Margaret B.
  • “My surgery was March 4th with Dr. Browne, and it has been a great experience. The first three weeks following the surgery, the pain was excruciating but fell off after that time frame. I followed the instructions provided by Dr. and staff on taking the pain med's, and I had no issue discontinuing them. At this time in my post-surgery recovery, my knee will on occasion have a shooting pain thru it, and I usually take aspirin for it. Otherwise hopefully improving each day. ”
    – Jack M.
  • “I was unable to walk because of severe hip pain. After my left hip replacement, I was walking pain-free that same day of surgery. I look forward to having my right hip replaced this fall. It will be the first time in years I should be pain-free. Thank you, Dr. Browne, and your excellent PA, Chris, for your superb care. ”
    – Linda M.