The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Nonweiler
  • “I had my right rotator cuff repaired a few years ago by Dr. Nonweiler and it feels like it did before I hurt it. When I hurt my left shoulder, I went back to have him fix it. They are like new shoulders. I have great faith in him and would recommend Dr. Nonweiler to anyone. I also really appreciate the people at Oklahoma Surgical Hospital where he does surgery. They are so good, caring and professional.”
    – Vickie S.
  • “I was playing basketball with some of my firefighter friends, came down wrong and tore my ACL. Kristi, Dr. Nonweiler’s PA, is in my community group and suggested I have him look at it. Dr. Nonweiler is very knowledgeable and I trusted him. He was the best doctor to get me back to normal. The next week, I had surgery- it was amazing how fast they did everything and got my surgery taken care of. The physical therapy afterward takes commitment to do what should be done to get back to normal. I would recommend Dr. Nonweiler. He was very understanding of what I did for a living, to get me better fast and to make the best out of a terrible situation.”
    – Stephen C.
  • “I had been having some pain in my shoulder and a friend recommended I see Dr. Nonweiler. It was easy. I got right in to see him and he suggested injections and therapy that might last a little while, but I wanted to just get to it. I hardly had any pain after the surgery. I took a few Advil, but there just wasn’t much pain. I did 6 weeks of therapy afterwards and am still doing my home exercises. I am 6 months out and doing great. I had no anxiety about the surgery at all. When you find a good surgeon you have to let people know.”
    – Tom E.
  • “I had my knee replacement done 5 months ago. It is great- I feel better than I have felt in years. I can climb stairs without favoring my knee! The physical therapy was hard, but you just have to do it. I want my friends to know if your knees are bothering you real bad, you ought to have it done. Dr. Nonweiler talks in a language you can understand and explains everything.”
    – Willard B.
  • “I had been to another orthopedic in Tulsa who recommended a total knee replacement, then I heard Dr. Nonweiler was doing something different. I made an appointment with him and he said I qualified for MakoPlasty. My experience has been very positive and successful. The day after my MakoPlasty surgery I was on a walker, then a cane for a few weeks and now I am walking without a limp or any pain medicine! I recommend MakoPlasty to anyone considering knee replacement.”
    – Janie A.
  • “Before I had MakoPlasty surgery on my knee, work was a chore. I was in constant pain and being on my feet was really hard. It has been a little over a month since my surgery and I am almost 100% back to my activities. It is not as invasive as what you think. I am so much further along than I would be with a total replacement and you can resume daily activities sooner. My physical therapist was even amazed at how quickly I recovered. I went to another orthopedic office first and they wanted to do a scope. They weren’t very friendly and tried to rush me into surgery. I talked to my primary care and they recommended I see Dr. Nonweiler at Central States. The total personal care here was so much better than the other office. I am so glad they caught it soon enough that I could have MakoPlasty.”
    – Bonita (5 weeks post op)
  • “I am happy with the care I received.”
    – Mary P.
  • “I had a great experience of professionalism and knowledge from the doctor and his staff.”
    – John M.
  • “Good. ”
    – Ella S.
  • “Dr. Nonweiler was very good took time to make sure I understood everything, and surgery was excellent. ”
    – Marvin B.
  • “Dr. Nonweiler was terrific to work with and answered all of my questions before making my knee-replacement decision. I can say, a little more than a year later, that it was the right decision, and Dr. Nonweiler's skillful robot-assisted surgery has dramatically improved my quality of life! The entire surgical team, staff, Oklahoma Surgical Hospital, and Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma get commended on their extraordinary care, environment, and follow-up during my post-op recovery, physical therapy, and the time since surgery.”
    – Ralph D.
  • “I had seen Dr. Nonweiler previously for the same knee, so he was familiar with my situation and took care of it very quickly.”
    – Florence C.
  • “I did not have to wait long to get an appointment, appointment times got respected, and the follow-up was excellent. Dr. Nonweiler was personable and very thorough. I felt like he listened to me and offered multiple treatment plans. I appreciated his professionalism, expertise, and compassion. He treated my frozen shoulder by doing a manipulation with steroid treatment. I am less than three weeks out of surgery and have an almost full range of motion. Thank you Dr. Nonweiler and Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma to helping me through this injury. ”
    – Rick C.
  • “Very pleased.”
    – Mary B.
  • “I am a third-time patient. I would rate Doctor Nonweiler and his staff at the top of my list. They always took time to talk to me and explain things that were important to me. The office was still busy, but I never had to wait for an extended period. The staff out front were very kind and helpful. Always a smiling face. The entire experience of surgery is very taxing, but this group helped me make it through each time with the utmost professionalism and kindness that I am very grateful.”
    – Stephen J.
  • “Dr. Nonweiler, care was beautiful and reassuring. From the beginning of my treatment through my surgery, I was in good care. Thank you again, Dr. Nonweiler. ”
    – Latricia W.
  • “Tightly run office. Communication was excellent. All the staff was kind, concerned, and courteous. I had no concerns going into the procedure.”
    – Gary S.
  • “I got treated with respect. Dr. Nonweiler took time to answer all my question. I didn't feel rushed and never had to wait over 10 minutes for my appointment as has happened at other orthopedic practices.”
    – Mary D.
  • “Dr. Nonweiler injected my left knee. He had done a total knee replacement for the right leg, and I think this left leg is not too far behind.”
    – Donna L.
  • “Explains things well and has an excellent bedside manner. Caring, compassionate, and competent. A great doctor and an all-around good guy!”
    – Michael K.