The following are reviews from patients of Dr. LaButti
  • “Dr. LaButti was conservative in his treatment plan, which was terrific. I had been referred to him, having been told that I needed a hip replacement. After reviewing my films, he indicated that I was not appropriate for a replacement since my hip capsule itself was not very deteriorated. And that I had three ligament tears.. two in the gluteus minimus and one in the labrum area. He set me up with an EXCELLENT physical therapist, administered a shot and following me every few months. I went through three series of p.t. and continue to do my exercises for maintenance. I would highly recommend Dr. LaButti and his staff for expertise, diligence, and timely responses to questions and concerns.”
    – Meryl K.
  • “Doctor Ronald LaButti gave me my freedom back! I have suffered from knee pain beginning in April of 1995. I have had a total of eight knee surgeries from April 4, 1995, through September. In May, Dr. LaButti replaced my left knee. I could not believe how it erased the annoying pain I had come accustomed to living with all these years. I was using a rollator walker to get around, and I was only 54 years old. I had tried everything to get relief, including surgery, injections, therapy, ice, braces, and drugs. Finally, in May, I was able to walk just a few hours after my total knee replacement without the debilitating pain. After recovery and therapy, I elected to have my right knee replaced in September. Best gift I ever gave myself![”
    – Cindy W.
  • “Dr. LaButti confirmed what I already had guessed that I had mild to moderate arthritis in both of my knees. I had irritated my right knee, driving to Iowa and back. He suggested that a couple of Kenalog shots would help quiet down the right knee and support the left one that had started hurting me as I was doing everything I could on that leg. 15 mins later it was amazing that I could get in and out of my Corvette without hurting like hell! Thank You, Doc!”
    – Grant E.
  • “I had put off, seeing a doctor, for severe right knee pain, for over ten years. The idea of having a knee replaced, was just out of the question, due to downtime, anxiety, and only understandable fear. Finally, after non-stop pain and barely being able to walk, my wife set up an appointment, with Dr. LaButti. His calm, reassuring nature and explanation, of the procedure, removed a lot of my anxiety. I wish I had done this many years ago. No time, was my post-surgical pain, even close, to the pain I had been experiencing, for so many years. I was able to walk on my new knee, within hours of the surgery. I was walking a mile a day within ten days. I have a fully active life again! Thank you, Dr. LaButti, and to your excellent staff!”
    – Charles C.
  • “I am currently out eight weeks from total knee replacement on the left knee. My knee is so straight! I have regained my height and have minimal pain. I started walking with a cane at week three and stopped using it for week five. I am thrilled with the results! Everyone is wanting to know who did my knee surgery after seeing the progress I have made. I am looking forward to getting my right knee done in September. Thank you to Dr. LaButti and staff!”
    – Margaret L.
  • “Dr. LaButti and his staff are incredibly caring and professional. Dr. LaButti is so efficient and explains all the results and answers all questions. He is so detailed and a wealth of information. I appreciate that he takes the time to make sure you understand what the issue is and what your options are. ”
    – Lori K.