The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Kunapuli
  • “Dr. Kunapuli has replaced both of my knees, and I couldn’t be happier. He is very professional and caring. He listens and remembers your personal needs from one visit to another, and this is a trait that is lacking in many specialists. ”
    – Valerie H.
  • “Dr. Kunapuli did hip replacement surgery for me on April 17th. Everything went as he had explained to me. He took the time to listen to all of my questions and give me answers that I could understand. He is a very personable and caring doctor, and I am thrilled with my surgery.”
    – James C.
  • “Dr. Kunapuli was kind and very thorough! First Orthopedic Doctor to actually listen to me and explain everything. I still can't get on the patient portal. Please help.”
    – Laura G.
  • “Dr. Kunapuli easy thoughtfully explained everything. Took time to answer any questions.”
    – Ian H.
  • “Dr. Kunapuli was friendly and knowledgeable about my problems. He ordered therapy for me, which helped a lot.”
    – Carolyn R.
  • “He is lovely and cares about his patient. I have told several what a great doctor and person he is.”
    – Donna A.
  • “Dr. Kunapuli gave excellent care and concern. He came to the hospital on a Sunday during a holiday weekend to perform surgery on my broken hip. He is not only a remarkable physician but an extraordinary human being. ”
    – Patti C.
  • “Dr. Kunapuli is fantastic. He always takes his time with me. He is very caring. I value his opinion highly. He helped overcome a previous lousy surgery I had a few months before I first saw him. Would highly recommend him!”
    – Belinda P.
  • “I have used Dr. Boone, Dr. Lorton, and Dr. Kunapuli, and they all have been excellent for both my daughter, mom, and I! I recommend them all!”
    – Lori M.
  • “The girls in reception are charming and professional. Both Dr. Kunapuli and Justin treated me very respectfully and listened to what I had to say. I have had experiences with two other Orthopedic specialists, and I fully trust Dr. Kunapuli and appreciate his excellent 'bedside manner" -- it means a lot.”
    – Karen M.
  • “My visit was for a shot in my left hip and left knee. Dr. Kunapuli had performed a total hip replacement on my right hip on March 4th. I am doing shots on the left side to give me some time before replacing the left hip. ”
    – Albert H.
  • “I highly recommend Dr. Kunapuli as he is a very knowledgeable and personable doctor. He was able to diagnose the reason for the hip pain and swelling that I was experiencing and then provided solutions for that issue. I had Right Total Hip Replacement surgery about 15 years ago and a revision surgery on the same hip 3.5 years ago. Both of which were done by the same orthopedic surgeon in another state. Dr. Kunapuli had me do an X-ray which was followed up with an MRI. After reviewing doctor notes from my previous orthopedic surgeon, looking at the MRI results, and ruling out other factors. He was able to determine that an accumulation of fluid had built up around the Right hip joint. Causing the pain, I was feeling. He did a joint aspiration and injection to remove the liquid out of that hip joint, and also, wrote a script for me to have physical therapy for three weeks. Both of these solutions worked out very well, and I am now pain-free and have no swelling in my Right hip joint. ”
    – Charles S.
  • “Overall a great experience. Dr. Kunapuli was very empathetic and informed me of every step of the way through surgery and aftercare. I am truly grateful for him. ”
    – Vicki V.
  • “Dr. Kunapuli explained surgery procedure well. Answered all my questions. Felt Dr. Kunapuli spent adequate time with me. Good listener.”
    – Susan K.
  • “Dr. Kunapuli and his staff have been very helpful. They have explained to my husband and me about how my knees can get treated and how long it would take to heal. I am happy with them. ”
    – Jean D.
  • “Love my doctor. ”
    – Terry S.
  • “Everything about the appointment was first-rate, the check-in process, the waiting area, the time I waited to get seen, and the staff. Dr. Kunapuli was thorough, professional, and personable. He took adequate time to discuss my diagnosis and explained the path forward in detail; I was delighted with the entire process from beginning to end.”
    – James T.
  • “I got seen promptly, and the staff was accommodating and friendly. ”
    – Pamela S.
  • “I met Dr. Kunapuli after seeing three other orthopedic physicians. I instantly liked him and the way he talked to me like I mattered. He was the only physician I found that didn't see the negatives, only what I could do and be. I am forever grateful for Dr. Kunapuli taking a chance on me and doing surgery. I am finally living.”
    – Melissa K.
  • “I was delighted with my Doctor and the hospital. Thanks.”
    – Gwendolyn P.
  • “The surgery I had should’ve done 20 years ago. I’m happy that I got referred to Dr. Kunapuli for my right hip surgery. I could not have asked for a better doctor. I am walking so much better now, thanks to him. ”
    – Jeanine B.
  • “Dr. Kunapuli was exceptional and a grade An entire staff, a special thanks to Justin Tomlinson PA.”
    – Ian W.
  • “The staff is accommodating. Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma made me feel right at home. I can't wait to get my new knee! Thank you, Dr. Kunapuli!”
    – Rhonda B.