Patient Reviews

We love hearing from our patients!

At Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma, we are privileged to serve the bone, joint, and muscle needs of our community. 

We invite you to explore the stories of our past and present patients to learn more about the quality, compassionate care we have to offer you and your loved ones. 

  • “I popped a tendon in my left foot/ankle on a Saturday last year and was able to get in to see Dr. Marsh the first of the next week (Tuesday I think), had an MRI on Thursday and got a surgery scheduled ASAP. It’s a year later now, and I’m walking with a distance group again hoping to do a half-marathon. I will say I’ve also had both knees replaced by Dr. Browne and I’ve had good luck and been very happy with all three surgeries. ”
    – Monroe H.
  • “I have been a patient for years and have always received the best care for all my needs. Dr. Hawkins has made a big difference in my overall health. He has the most compassion for his patients. I'm so glad I found him and his staff.”
    – David S.
  • “Dr.Craven found my problem almost immediately. It was a cyst growing between my 4th and 5th vertebrae, and it was causing terrible pain in my right hip and leg. He performed his magic in the operating room, and I'm going to be 100% in a short period. Making the pain worse was a nerve but it's calmed down now. Thank you, Dr. Craven! ”
    – Bobbie H.
  • “Dr. Ahmadinia explained my problem and provided options for me. He was not rushed and had a kind and caring manner.”
    – Sherry A.
  • “I’m all about the results—perfect — the aftercare was also top-notch. ”
    – Michel H.
  • “Dr. Emerson is professional, kind, and explains options completely. She is prompt and willing to listen to me. I like and trust her.”
    – Mary S.
  • “Doctor Ronald LaButti gave me my freedom back! I have suffered from knee pain beginning in April of 1995. I have had a total of eight knee surgeries from April 4, 1995, through September. In May, Dr. LaButti replaced my left knee. I could not believe how it erased the annoying pain I had come accustomed to living with all these years. I was using a rollator walker to get around, and I was only 54 years old. I had tried everything to get relief, including surgery, injections, therapy, ice, braces, and drugs. Finally, in May, I was able to walk just a few hours after my total knee replacement without the debilitating pain. After recovery and therapy, I elected to have my right knee replaced in September. Best gift I ever gave myself![”
    – Cindy W.
  • “Dr. Ahmadinia and his staff are so kind. And he gets right to the point and also has the solution for your problem. He is very detailed and uses plain language to explain whatever sickness you have and the way to get it better. His staff is also easy to get in touch with if there are any problems. I would recommend him to anyone who suffers from back pain.”
    – Tellus O.
  • “I have and will trust Dr. Lorton for injections in knees, elbow, shoulder, and hip. Also, he has operated on left knee three times and right knee once with skill and excellent outcomes. I will always think of Dr. Lorton anytime I have this type of problem.”
    – Allen J.
  • “Started going to Dr. Fox many years ago for shots in my knees to allow me to still be functional in the day to day life. I am very grateful to Dr. Fox and Jordan in my endeavors to live a functioning life. ”
    – Rebecca K.
  • “Dr. Boone did a great job and felt like my sons' situation was essential to him.”
    – Greg T.
  • “It was a very positive experience. Everyone in Dr. Rahhal's office was super.”
    – Billie W.
  • “Dr. Lorton was a very professional and comfortable doctor. I felt I was thoroughly taken care of, in a manner that was top notch. Very at ease with all information discussed. I was treated the day I went in, and I had outstanding results. ”
    – Joyce H.
  • “The most caring and thorough Doctors I have ever had the opportunity. It’s to be a patient thank you for having her on your team and for Dr. Bryan Hawkins for sending me to her.”
    – Anna B.
  • “My experience with Dr. Wong was very positive. He answered all questions I had concerning my thumb surgery and performed the surgery with perfection. He is a gifted doctor.”
    – Lori S.
  • “I’ve never been more happy with the results of surgery. Thank you very much.”
    – Brent D.
  • “Dr. Boone listens. Explains everything ”
    – Jimmie C.
  • “Dr. Rahhal repaired my torn rotator cuff 18 months ago, and it is pretty amazing: I have complete mobility and no residual pain. The staff at Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma is always prompt and professional. In addition to Dr. Rahhal, I have had a discectomy (L4-L5) performed by Dr. Ahmadinia, and it has been a complete success, as well.”
    – Matt W.
  • “Dr. Marsh was amicable and professional. He answered all my questions thoroughly.”
    – Wendy R.
  • “He explained what the issue was and what the options were. Surgery scheduled. ”
    – Marjorie P.
  • “Everything I experienced was excellent care from the first appointment, through surgery and post-op.”
    – Janet M.
  • “Dr. Thomas Craven is one of a kind. Does a good job and can make you laugh. Dr. Craven has a unique personality and a keen set of skills and shoots straight. His staff is amazing. His Nurse Abby is very adept and capable at her job; it has been good having them in my corner.”
    – Elijah R.
  • “Dr. Hendricks is honest and thoughtful as he talks out the medical situation and options.”
    – Roland F.
  • “Dr. Emerson is great. ”
    – Mary B.
  • “Dr. Rahhal was very informative and understood my concerns and provided me with my option.”
    – Patrick M.