Patient Reviews

We love hearing from our patients!

At Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma, we are privileged to serve the bone, joint, and muscle needs of our community. 

We invite you to explore the stories of our past and present patients to learn more about the quality, compassionate care we have to offer you and your loved ones. 

  • “I had back problem, he put me on physical therapy, his therapist Christine was great, the entire staffs were excellent. I appreciate all of them, Dr. Ahmadinia is very good. ”
    – Morad S.
  • “There aren't enough kind words to say about Dr. Hardage and his staff. He gave me the best care and sent me to the most fantastic surgeon to have my shoulder repaired. Thank You, Dr. Hardage, and to your fantastic staff!”
    – Dawn A.
  • “When I first found out, I had a total tear on my rotator cuff, my original orthopedic doctor not sure it could get repaired. He said he was going to refer me to a very aggressive and knowledgeable surgeon. Dr. Boone was incredible! My shoulder has healed, and the staff was incredible throughout this whole journey — Travis (Dr. Boone's PA) is kind with all my silly questions. Highly recommend!”
    – Dawn A.
  • “Overall Great experience! Still, have back pain, but it’s a lot better than what it was!”
    – Quiana D.
  • “Total left hip replacement by Dr. Chris Browne in February. Very successful. Had me up and walking day of surgery. In-hospital PT for the 2.5 days I was in St Francis. The key is to stay ahead of pain. I took one Oxycodone as prescribed every four hours for two weeks, then switched to Aleve. I still have half a bottle of Oxycodone left. I, in no manner, became addicted to this drug! To blame the manufacturer for addiction is ridiculous. The patient is in total control. If I need future joint replacement I'll see Dr. Chris Browne!”
    – William H.
  • “Dr. Kunapuli was friendly and knowledgeable about my problems. He ordered therapy for me, which helped a lot.”
    – Carolyn R.
  • “She is a great doctor. Easy to work.”
    – Donna A.
  • “Dr. Ahmadinia is great.”
    – Donna A.
  • “I've been seeing Dr. Marsh all year with several things going on, and he has been doing all he can to help get me back on my feet. He is excellent, and everyone that I've dealt with there has been helpful and friendly to me.”
    – Stephanie W.
  • “He is lovely and cares about his patient. I have told several what a great doctor and person he is.”
    – Donna A.
  • “Dr. Browne was very informative from the first visit to the post-op visits. I was referred to Dr. Browne by a friend and did not regret that decision. I feel he is an excellent surgeon, and I would recommend him to anyone that has to have a hip replacement!”
    – Jean P.
  • “Dr. Emerson is competent, proficient, and caring. I have full confidence in her as a person and as a physician.”
    – Karl C.
  • “Dr. LaButti confirmed what I already had guessed that I had mild to moderate arthritis in both of my knees. I had irritated my right knee, driving to Iowa and back. He suggested that a couple of Kenalog shots would help quiet down the right knee and support the left one that had started hurting me as I was doing everything I could on that leg. 15 mins later it was amazing that I could get in and out of my Corvette without hurting like hell! Thank You, Doc!”
    – Grant E.
  • “Dr. Kunapuli gave excellent care and concern. He came to the hospital on a Sunday during a holiday weekend to perform surgery on my broken hip. He is not only a remarkable physician but an extraordinary human being. ”
    – Patti C.
  • “Dr. Kunapuli is fantastic. He always takes his time with me. He is very caring. I value his opinion highly. He helped overcome a previous lousy surgery I had a few months before I first saw him. Would highly recommend him!”
    – Belinda P.
  • “I have used Dr. Boone, Dr. Lorton, and Dr. Kunapuli, and they all have been excellent for both my daughter, mom, and I! I recommend them all!”
    – Lori M.
  • “Dr. Boone was professional and honest. I had bad luck as I developed a blood clot, but it’s always a risk. My recovery was much harder than I anticipated. It took a solid year for a complete recovery, and I am now in good shape. ”
    – Dexter W.
  • “Professional- spent considerable time explaining things to me.”
    – Judith W.
  • “Dr. Marsh has been excellent and helpful and instrumental in my overall health. He started me on my weight loss program, which has been a great journey for me, and he understands my desire to put off surgery as long as possible.”
    – Gayle C.
  • “I had seen two orthopedic surgeons before Dr. Marsh, and both only had time to administer cortisone injections which had not to work but for a day or two. With a torn thru rotator cuff, I had been told not to have surgery as the outcome would severely limited arm function like not much over 50%, enough to prevent me from living alone and doing the project I love. No longer able to live normally. When I found, then met with Dr. Marsh, he had taken the time to review my situation thoroughly. When we first met, he was prepared to discuss all aspects of my case thoroughly. Also, Dr. Marsh was positive that I needed surgery and adamant that the outcome would be up around 90% or more. I did it, had the surgery, and 2 ½ months later I am functioning at 100%. Dr. March says 98%. I still have more therapy for strengthening. I’m an active 85-year-old living alone with many projects, and I do everything not hindered at all. There are a lot of good doctors. Dr. Marsh is at the top. There is not another doctor that truly, sincerely cares more for his patients! If you have shoulder pain or shoulder complications, don’t even stop to see him!”
    – Ross M.
  • “I have had multiple surgeries with Dr. Boone and have received fantastic professionalism continually from Doctor, his staff, and specifically Travis. I have always recommended Dr. Brad Boone and the practice. Thank you.”
    – Mark H.
  • “Dr. Hendricks and his staff are lovely to work. Cam is almost unable to walk, and within weeks of surgery, I am walking and feeling great. Last surgery two-level with fusion and this time single with fusion. Could not ask for better care. ”
    – Ron L.
  • “Excellent Doctor. ”
    – John B.
  • “Direct to the point answers and info which was appreciated.”
    – Rod E.
  • “Repeat patient for multiple injuries. Dr. Fox has done both of my shoulders, and now I’m back to see him for my elbow. He explains things clearly and professionally. He’s an excellent Doctor. ”
    – Cory R.