Patient Reviews

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At Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma, we are privileged to serve the bone, joint, and muscle needs of our community. 

We invite you to explore the stories of our past and present patients to learn more about the quality, compassionate care we have to offer you and your loved ones. 

  • “Great doctor great facility these people are great.”
    – Stanley B.
  • “The girls in reception are charming and professional. Both Dr. Kunapuli and Justin treated me very respectfully and listened to what I had to say. I have had experiences with two other Orthopedic specialists, and I fully trust Dr. Kunapuli and appreciate his excellent 'bedside manner" -- it means a lot.”
    – Karen M.
  • “Excellent. Dr. Boone listens and remembers what my problems are and what we have tried in the past. ”
    – Jimmie C.
  • “My visit was for a shot in my left hip and left knee. Dr. Kunapuli had performed a total hip replacement on my right hip on March 4th. I am doing shots on the left side to give me some time before replacing the left hip. ”
    – Albert H.
  • “I highly recommend Dr. Kunapuli as he is a very knowledgeable and personable doctor. He was able to diagnose the reason for the hip pain and swelling that I was experiencing and then provided solutions for that issue. I had Right Total Hip Replacement surgery about 15 years ago and a revision surgery on the same hip 3.5 years ago. Both of which were done by the same orthopedic surgeon in another state. Dr. Kunapuli had me do an X-ray which was followed up with an MRI. After reviewing doctor notes from my previous orthopedic surgeon, looking at the MRI results, and ruling out other factors. He was able to determine that an accumulation of fluid had built up around the Right hip joint. Causing the pain, I was feeling. He did a joint aspiration and injection to remove the liquid out of that hip joint, and also, wrote a script for me to have physical therapy for three weeks. Both of these solutions worked out very well, and I am now pain-free and have no swelling in my Right hip joint. ”
    – Charles S.
  • “Easy quick complete. ”
    – Deborah E.
  • “Overall a great experience. Dr. Kunapuli was very empathetic and informed me of every step of the way through surgery and aftercare. I am truly grateful for him. ”
    – Vicki V.
  • “All of all office staff provided excellent customer service. Dr. Boone was very thorough and provided an exceptional education to me regarding my issue. The surgery went great and I am fully recovered. ”
    – Susan H.
  • “I felt listened. Dr. Lorton explained everything and was empathetic.”
    – Vicki V.
  • “I had been in discomfort or pain for over six months. I had previous hip surgery six years ago, and it was a long and hard recovery, so I was fearful of what would be in store for me. I had a friend recommend him, so I booked an appointment. On the first visit, he was very thorough and seemed genuinely concerned about my hip. I didn't feel rushed at all during my appointment. After an MRI, I went back for a follow-up appointment, and he was so kind and patient with me going over the results. I needed surgery, but I was extremely hesitant. After a few months of debating, I ended up having surgery on July 24th. The surgery went great and in all honesty, better than I expected. I am a month out, I still have a bit of discomfort from the surgery and physical therapy, but my hip isn't hurting. I highly recommend Dr. Lorton, and he will be my doctor from this point forward!”
    – Amber K.
  • “Dr. Kunapuli explained surgery procedure well. Answered all my questions. Felt Dr. Kunapuli spent adequate time with me. Good listener.”
    – Susan K.
  • “Dr. Berg was terrific, and I, without a doubt, will be using her in the future if I have a need. She is a first-class Doc. Very pleased!”
    – Eric K.
  • “Dr. Wong is very helpful with treatments and explanations for the condition. He and his staff are friendly and professional. ”
    – Jerry C.
  • “Dr. Berg is very thorough and factual. She is accommodating in regards to rehab and future care if needed.”
    – Thomas K.
  • “The most creative surgeon. Can't wait to see his work.”
    – Danielle H.
  • “Dr. Berg was extraordinarily attentive and assessed my condition quickly. She determined the next course of action, and I came away pain-free. ”
    – Kathy W.
  • “Dr. Rahhal explained everything clearly. He was accommodating and had a touch of humor about him. He didn't rush and scheduled the surgery. ”
    – Mary G.
  • “Everyone was professional and had a good experience. ”
    – Peggy B.
  • “Outstanding interaction with my surgeon. He explained everything and answered all of my questions. The outcome of my treatment and surgery was better than I expected. ”
    – John M.
  • “I made an appointment with Dr. Browne specifically to schedule hip replacement surgery, after orthopedic Dr. in Ponca City said I needed a hip replacement surgery. He based this on a c-scan and several injections, one of which got done in the hospital. Dr. Browne did an X-ray and said I had bursitis. He prescribed an anti-inflammatory drug and 4-5 weeks of physical therapy. This solved my problem, and it has not returned. As you can see, I am a big fan of Dr. Browne! I have since recommended him to several people. You can use this for marketing purpose, but please do not use my name. Thank you.”
    – Ed B.
  • “Dr. Kunapuli and his staff have been very helpful. They have explained to my husband and me about how my knees can get treated and how long it would take to heal. I am happy with them. ”
    – Jean D.
  • “Love my doctor. ”
    – Terry S.
  • “Dr. Fox and his staff were exceptionally professional and polite. I had delayed my visit far too long because I was scared, stubborn, and stupid. Afraid because I thought I might need shoulder surgery. Stubborn because I thought I could resolve the issue with physical therapy. Ridiculous because I suffered the pain for years before scheduling an appointment. Dr. Fox diagnosed my shoulders as in good shape, but with bursitis. He gave me two cortisone/steroid shots, and the pain disappeared within 24-hours. I was extremely relieved, and my only regret is I waited too long to schedule an appointment. It reminded me that a patient who tries to be his physician has an idiot for a physician and is an insane patient. Never again will I attempt to be my physician and never again will I delay scheduling an appointment. I leaned my lesson. The two shots have changed my life. Thanks. ”
    – John A.
  • “Dr. Craven is great.”
    – Kahterine K.
  • “I had put off, seeing a doctor, for severe right knee pain, for over ten years. The idea of having a knee replaced, was just out of the question, due to downtime, anxiety, and only understandable fear. Finally, after non-stop pain and barely being able to walk, my wife set up an appointment, with Dr. LaButti. His calm, reassuring nature and explanation, of the procedure, removed a lot of my anxiety. I wish I had done this many years ago. No time, was my post-surgical pain, even close, to the pain I had been experiencing, for so many years. I was able to walk on my new knee, within hours of the surgery. I was walking a mile a day within ten days. I have a fully active life again! Thank you, Dr. LaButti, and to your excellent staff!”
    – Charles C.