Our Athletic Trainers

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Our specialty-trained athletic trainers at Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma work closely with our doctors and other providers in delivering prompt, expert treatment and managing your care.

  • Photo: Aaron Buchert, AT

    Aaron Buchert, AT

  • Photo: Kayla Clark, ATC

    Kayla Clark, ATC

  • Photo: Meagan DeShane, ATC

    Meagan DeShane, ATC

  • Photo: Larry Egge, ATC

    Larry Egge, ATC

  • Photo: Laurel Guild, AT

    Laurel Guild, AT

  • Photo: Ronda Harrison, PT, ATC

    Ronda Harrison, PT, ATC

  • Photo: Darren Lunow, ATC

    Darren Lunow, ATC

  • Photo: Randi Lunow, AT

    Randi Lunow, AT

  • Photo: Cassandra McCoy, ATC

    Cassandra McCoy, ATC

  • Photo: Jacob Newby, ATC

    Jacob Newby, ATC

  • Photo: Melanie Seaman, PT, ATC, SCS, CSCS

    Melanie Seaman, PT, ATC, SCS, CSCS

  • Photo: Koby Smith, AT

    Koby Smith, AT

  • Photo: Meredith Wasson, ATC

    Meredith Wasson, ATC

  • Photo: Omar Zaldivar, ATC

    Omar Zaldivar, ATC