Billing & Insurance

At Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma, we have one standard of care for all—the best. We participate with most major insurance carriers. However, we suggest you verify your eligibility for services with your insurance company.

Please note that not every doctor participates in every plan. Please consult with your scheduling representative when requesting your appointment.

If you are having difficulty with your account, please do not hesitate to request a meeting with our billing department where a confidential discussion may help resolve your problem.

If you have any questions regarding insurance coverage, please contact an Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma staff member at (918) 927-3737.

Additional Information

For Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma office visits, payment is expected on the day of your office visit. 

You will be asked to talk with our billing department prior to your surgical procedure to make certain that we have appropriate insurance information for your account. We will do whatever we can to assist you with your insurance claim.

In instances where there is an accident-related injury that may require legal action, we hold the person who has received our services responsible for the bill payment, regardless of any pending legal action.

For work-related injuries, we will need written authorization from your insurance carrier.

If you have any questions regarding work-related conditions, please contact our office at (918) 494-AOOK (2665) and ask for one of our workers' compensation representatives. 

Please note, deductibles and co-payments are due at the time of your appointment.

If you have any questions regarding insurance coverage or payment and billing, please contact an Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma representative at (918) 927-3737.