Welcome to Our Sports Medicine Center

Our specialty-trained doctors and staff in the Sports Medicine Center at Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma have extensive training and expertise in treating athletes and active individuals who are affected by bone, joint, and muscle issues. As recognized experts in the surgical and nonsurgical correction of sports-related orthopedic injuries and conditions, our doctors are committed to helping patients return to their active lifestyles quickly and safely.

Our Sports Medicine Center team at Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma is made up of specialty-trained surgeons who have developed a designed specifically for our sports medicine patients. Together, our dedicated specialists can offer comprehensive education, nonsurgical and surgical treatment, and follow-up care for any injury or condition that is causing pain or limitation in your life.

As leaders in state-of-the-art surgical treatment and whole-patient care, our expert sports medicine doctors at Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma are continually trained and experienced in performing a number of evidence-based procedures and the latest minimally invasive surgeries so our patients can resume their active lifestyles and get back in the game quickly and safely.

Dedicated to the specialized field of sports medicine, our Sports Medicine Center providers focus on helping our patients prevent and overcome sports-related injuries and conditions. Through a commitment to continued education in up-to-date treatments and techniques, our specialists offer advanced, comprehensive treatment plans to ensure athletes and active individuals of all ages and levels can heal, recover, and perform at their best.

Move Forward With Care From Our Sports Medicine Specialists

The Sports Medicine Center’s experts include fellowship-trained sports medicine, primary care sports medicine doctors, and specialty-trained orthopedic providers. Together with our Sports Medicine Outreach staff, our experienced and expertly trained doctors work as a team to ensure you receive the comprehensive treatment plan you need to move forward.

You want the best doctor to assess and treat any nerve, bone, muscle, or soft-tissue injury that is affecting your game or your daily life. Rest assured that you will get the expertise you need and the care you deserve from our sports medicine specialists and staff.

Visit Our Sports Medicine Center so You Can Heal. Recover. ADVANCE.

The Sports Medicine Center at Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma provides patient consultation for specialized sports-related orthopedic needs Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

To schedule a patient consultation with one of our Sports Medicine Center doctors, please call (918) 494-AOOK (2665) or request an appointment online.

Sports Medicine Outreach

Our dedicated Sports Medicine Outreach staff includes certified and specialized athletic trainers with training and experience in the treatment of sports-related bone, joint, and muscle injuries.

  • Photo: Kayla Clark, ATC
    Kayla Clark, ATC
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    Meagan DeShane, ATC
  • Photo: Larry Egge, ATC
    Larry Egge, ATC
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    Laurel Guild, AT
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    Ronda Harrison, PT, ATC
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    Darren Lunow, ATC
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    Randi Lunow, AT
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    Jacob Newby, ATC
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    Melanie Seaman, PT, ATC, SCS, CSCS
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    Koby Smith, AT
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    Meredith Wasson, ATC
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    Omar Zaldivar, ATC

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